Holding a one-off event, or have no space to store a floor yourself? Then hiring flooring will perhaps be the better option for you. We supply flooring from our own warehouse or from our customers’ stocks, while always aiming to provide the best solution for your event. Please contact us for advice tailored to your individual needs.

Our partners for hired flooring

Through a partnership with LIVE in Germany, PFS Europe is also able to offer a solution for loads exceeding 60 tonnes. A load-bearing capacity of this kind may be required for very heavy stages, for cranes at building or military sites, or for use as temporary surfacing during the construction of wind and solar farms. The aluminium flooring sections supplied by LIVE are perfect for this. LIVE’s flooring can be hired from PFS Europe for use in the Benelux countries.

For private use

Private individuals looking to hire a protective floor for a garden party, barbecue or other application that is personal rather than public (such as flooring for a balcony, around a swimming pool or for use at a campsite) can contact Partyvloer.nl.