Hexagonal tile in your own house style!

Over the past few years, I have been asked on more than one occasion about the possibility of featuring a logo and website address on the hexagonal Pro-Track tile. The only answer I was able to - reluctantly - give to this question was a negative one. Which is why the manufacturer and I set about making this a possibility a reality. And so it is with great delight I inform you, that from now on, my answer to this query will be a resounding 'Yes'!

The mould used to produce our hexagonal tile features the Pro-Track logo and website address in three different places. A new approach was therefore required for us meet the demand for customised hexa tiles. Modifying the existing mould proved an unsatisfactory solution, resulting in compromised quality: cooling issues could arise at the sites of the logo, preventing the mould from filling fully with granulate. This would in essence mean creating a weak spot in the product, which is not consistent with the quality we strive for.

Mould inserts for custom logos

Luckily, we have worked for years with a mould builder who knows his craft. After consulting him on the matter, we came up with the idea of creating a mould with interchangeable inserts. Further investigations confirmed that this was the solution. And so, as of now, we are able to offer hexagonal tiles with your logo and website address on them, introducing your corporate ID into even the finest details.

Corporate colourways

And for the icing on the cake: we can even produce the tiles in your very own colourways instead of the familiar grey colour. What's more, identifying which tiles are to be loaded onto your vehicles becomes a lot easier; let's face it - how many times do floor tiles get muddled up on-the-spot?!

Medium floor tile with custom ID

Are you wanting a floor that can bear the load of cars, truck and machinery, as well as display your corporate identity? Feel free to get in touch: I'd be delighted to discuss the numerous options with you, without obligation.


Hexagonal tile in your own house style!