The Lion panel is the premium aluminium trakway system. This award-winning temporary road system has a higher level of grip than any other panel on the market. The portable roadway has been certified and independently tested in Germany for strength and capability. The Lion panel is dual-sided for every eventuality.

The ‘topside’ has a unique water-displacing profile and a repeated ‘tooth’ to ensure the highest level of grip for pedestrians or vehicles. The ‘underside’ has a more aggressive profile with cross-serrations to provide an increased level of grip on cambers. Placed ‘underside’ up, this surface enables super heavy-duty grip for the largest of vehicles, even across sloping terrain. The panel has zero trip hazards and internal cross plating to join panels side by side, which allows a flatter pad formation, reducing the risk of vehicle grounding.

ALU panels, bespoke solution as pitch protection in stadia and arena


  • Pitch protection
  • Accommodates slightly uneven ground
  • The highest level of grip, even in the wet
  • Pedestrian and vehicle friendly
  • Supports huge loads such as buses, trucks and cranes
  • Internal connectors-zero trip hazards
  • Steerable sections which negate overlapping
  • High traction underside for steeper inclines

Uses and industries

  • Stadiums and concerts
  • Temporary access enabling construction of stages
  • Work areas where heavy loads need to be distributed e.g. crane platforms
  • Military operations
  • Traffic control management
  • Portable roadways
  • Event access
  • Energy access, turbine transport
  • Infrastructure access
  • Emergency access
  • Maintenance access


Een professionele vloer voor ieder evenement.

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Geschikt voor voertuigen en machines.

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De ultieme oplossing voor een multifunctionele locatie.

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Gras- of grondversterking, voor oprit en parkeerplaats.

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Bescherm de ondergrond door een betere gewichtsverdeling.

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