This is a light weight floor for protecting real or artificial grass or any other sensitive surface. Examples might include any indoor or outdoor sports courts, trade fair or public parks. For light pedestrian and wheelchair traffic. Applications in tents, on exhibition stands and for the use at festivals or other events.

Event flooring & Grass protection


  • Versatile and light-weight flooring
  • Rolls up for storage and handling
  • Protects grass and other sensitive surfaces
  • Keeps grass alive by allowing air, light and water transmission
  • Colour options for branding
  • Specifically designed as a cover for stadium grass, golf courses and turf clubs
  • Promotes grass growth
  • Special translucent polymer allows light to permeate through the flooring
  • Clean and dry surface

Uses & Industries

  • Marquee floors
  • Pathways
  • Merchandising and displays
  • Concerts
  • Hospitality & catering areas
  • Carnivals
  • Dance parties
  • Major events
  • Stadiums
  • Exhibitions
  • Party Hire


A professional floor for every event.

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Suitable for vehicles and machines.

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The ultimate solution for a multifunctional location.

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Grass or ground reinforcement, for driveway and parking lot.

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Protect the surface by a better weight distribution.

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