A medium duty ground protection mat designed as an ideal manhandle-able solution in a wide range of applications including temporary roadways, work pads, depot storage areas, or as pedestrian access. Thanks to its flexible design, the mat is able to follow the contours of undulating or sloping ground conditions. Pro-Mat is suitable for light- and medium-weight vehicles.

Rapid deployment


  • Allows access for vehicles over soft or boggy ground
  • Easy to use for rapid deployment
  • Portable rectangular mats that can lock together
  • Amazingly Tough & Flexible
  • Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mats
  • Slip-Resistant Surface
  • Fast temporary access, working areas and trackways
  • Effective, fast and simple connection
  • Range of connection options for different terrain and equipment
  • Light enough for two men to handle
  • Pedestrian friendly (especially wheelchairs and buggies)

Uses & Industries

  • Temporary access enabling construction of stages for concerts and events in stadia
  • Work areas where heavy loads need to be distributed e.g. crane platforms
  • Portable roadways for heavy vehicles
  • Military operations
  • Traffic control Management
  • Stadiums & concerts
  • Portable roadways
  • Vehicle access


A professional floor for every event.

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Suitable for vehicles and machines.

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The ultimate solution for a multifunctional location.

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Grass or ground reinforcement, for driveway and parking lot.

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Protect the surface by a better weight distribution.

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