A heavy duty floor for the protection of natural or artificial grass or sandy surfaces. Can be used in stadiums as a base for heavy stages, for temporary roads at events, for access roads on building sites and for creating temporary parking spaces, among other applications. The difference between Pro-Track and Pro-Max is that Pro-Max is able to bear heavier loads such as large trucks, heavy Manitou’s, and heavy cranes.

Heavy duty roadway


  • Protect sports turf profiles
  • Accommodates slightly uneven ground
  • Skid-resistant surface
  • Rugged, reusable and recyclable
  • Supports huge loads such as buses, trucks and cranes
  • Maximum strength but still light-weight
  • Square, modular shape with an interlocking underlay

Uses & Industries

  • Temporary access enabling construction of stages for concerts and events in stadia
  • Work areas where heavy loads need to be distributed e.g. crane platforms
  • Portable roadways for heavy vehicles
  • Military operations
  • Traffic control management
  • Stadiums & concerts
  • Portable roadways
  • Removable road humps
  • Portable speed bumps
  • Vehicle access


A professional floor for every event.

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Suitable for vehicles and machines.

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The ultimate solution for a multifunctional location.

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Grass or ground reinforcement, for driveway and parking lot.

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Protect the surface by a better weight distribution.

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